Kamkor Management LLP multidisciplinary holding



Year of establishment: 2009 «Kamkor Management» LLP is the corporate center of the Holding, the management company uniting 6 enterprises throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which more than two and a half thousand people work efficiently.

Year of establishment: 2003 Business segments:

  • Construction and overhaul of main railway lines;
  • Road Construction and Reconstruction;
  • Construction and reconstruction of overhead and cable lines, power supply and power supply;
  • Construction and reconstruction of railway contact network;
  • Construction and reconstruction of transformer substations, sectionalization stations, autotransformer power supply stations;
  • Construction of SCI and communication systems, radio lines;
  • Construction of artificial structures, bridges and overpasses;
  • Production of rubble and rubble stone from diabases;
  • Welding and renovation of rails in long strings, renovation of old-fashioned rails;
  • Repair and maintenance of special rolling stock and small machinery;
  • Scientific and technical processing and storage of documentation in electronic archive.

Year of establishment: 2003 Business segments: Electricity supply for the needs of the national railway network, industrial and social facilities, business and shopping and entertainment centers, and locals.

Year of establishment: 2004 Business segments:

  • Special survey of industrial facilities;
  • Training of specialists;
  • Electrolaboratory tests;
  • Construction of civil and industrial facilities;
  • Maintenance of locomotive safety devices;
  • Overhaul of railway machines;
  • Services of chemical and technological laboratories.

Year of establishment: 2005 Business segments:

  • Renting out of locomotives;
  • Organization of train traffic.

Year of establishment: 2012 Business segments: Renting out of a gravel plant.

Year of establishment: 2001 Business segments:

  • VSR rent/Storage of oil products;;
  • Transshipment of oil products;
  • Bulk cargo transshipment;
  • Rent of dry warehouses;
  • Fuel outsourcing.