Камкор менеджмент

Social policy

Approved by the order of
the Director general of
«Kamkor Management» LLP
on March, 10, 2011
№ АTsK — 75
Youth policy
of «Kamkor management» LLP and the organizations, which property (shares) directly or indirectly belongs
to «Kamkor management» LLP on the right of ownership or entrusted administration
for 2011–2013

1. General provisions

1. This Youth policy determines social and economic system, organizational and legal measures which are implemented and aimed at young employees’ support.

2. The Youth policy is implemented pursuant to the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Personnel policy approved in the Partnership and the Organizations.

3. The Youth policy is implemented with the purpose of professional, educational, physical, cultural formation and development of young employees creating conditions for their fruitful activity for the benefit of economic growth of the Organizations and increase of the youth’s wellbeing.

4. Basic definitions used in the document:
Youth policy is the Youth policy for 2011–2013 of «Kamkor Management» LLP and the organizations, which property (shares) directly or indirectly belongs to it on the right of ownership or entrusted administration;

Partnership — «Kamkor Management» LLP;

Organizations — the organizations which property (shares) directly or indirectly belongs the partnership on the right of ownership or entrusted administration;

Young employees, youth team, the youth — the employees of the Partnership and the organizations at the age of 30 inclusive.

2. Basic trends, tasks and events of

The Youth policy

1. Insurance of conditions for all-round development of the youth team in the staff pursuant to the strategic objectives and tasks of the Partnership and the Organizations.

Principle tasks:

1) to contribute to the youth’s development pursuant to the advanced foreign and domestic experience.

2) to insure the young employees’ professional formation and development.

Basic events:

1) Organization of corporate seminars, courses and trainings, individual training of the young employees. Principle training trends: strategic management, project management, risk — management, corporate management, the newest rolling stock repair and construction technologies, labour safety on the railway transport, motivation management and personnel assessment, international improvement technologies of financial flows movement, etc.

2) The youth’s participation in an annual action «Kazakshanyz kalay?»

3) Introduction of the programmes for young employees’ adaptation.
4) Resumption of the guidance institute in the organizations.

2. Support of talented young people

Basic tasks:

1) Search of talented youth out of students and graduates in order to attract to work in the Partnership and the Organizations.

2) Personnel reserve formation out of young employees.

3) Assistance and support of creative, innovative youth’s activity.

Basic events:

1) Participation in taking exams at educational institutions systematically to search talented students. Organization of Open days, invitation of students to corporate events.

3) Implementation of interviews, analysis of young employees’ work in order to search talented, purposeful and energetic youth in the Partnership and the Organizations.

4) Development and implementation of the Programme «Zhas Otan» in order to form and develop personnel reserve out of young employees.

5) Distribution of tittles and awards among the talented employees out of the youth while summing up the work during a year:

— «Uzdik zhas kyzmetker», the best young employee of the year;

— «Uzdik zhas bastamashy», the best young initiator.

3. Formation of social aid and support system for young employees.

Basic tasks:

1) Social support of the young employees within the limits of the social protection system existing in the Partnership and the Organizations.

2) Social and economic aid for young families.

3) Provision of health protection conditions for the youth.

Basic events:

1) Development and implementation of the Programme «Zhastardy koldau» which includes:

— distribution of vouchers to sanatoriums, youth’s rest houses and camping sites.

— organization of summer rest, New Year’s events and excursions for children and young families.

— payment of educational leaves.

— administration of charitable assistance to low-income young families to buy clothes, footwear and school supplies.

— payment of membership cards to health groups.

4. Arrangement of conditions for physical and cultural youth’s development.

Basic tasks:

1) Arrangement of events strengthening team work, loyalty, favourable and creative atmosphere among young employees in the staff.

2) Information provision, arrangement of events to form the youth’s esthetic and moral values.

3) Arrangement of large-scale sport actions, tourist festivals, other events in order to promote healthy life style among the youth.
Basic events:

1) Arrangement of the youth’s forums at least twice a year (meeting with the Partnership’s company management, discussion of topical matters and perspective of the Organization’s development, creative youth’s initiatives, business games and competitions).

2) Arrangement of sport actions in honour of Transport and communication worker’s day, organization and support of football and volleyball teams.

3) Participation in the youth’s events and actions, sport competitions held by «NC «Kazakhstan temir zholy» JSC and by regional akimats (as agreed).

4) Arrangement of community work day, events for beatification and planting on the territory of the Organizations.

5) Organization of the youth actions to assist unemployed pensioners, veterans and participators of the Great Patriotic War.

5. Work improvement with the youth on the basis of efficiency analysis of the Youth policy and benchmarking
Basic tasks and events:

1) Introduction of the efficiency and improvement system analysis of the Youth policy;

2) experience examination with the youth in advanced companies in order to use positive results in the Youth policy implementation.

3. Basic principles of the Youth policy.

1. Interaction of interests and purposes among the youth, the Partnership and the Organization.

2. Transparency and publicity of the Youth policy.

3. Perceptiveness, direction of the Youth policy to achieve strategic objectives of the Partnership and the Organization.

4. Progressiveness, correspondence of direction and tasks of the Youth policy with the world practice to support and develop the youth.

5. The youth attraction to participate in formation and implementation of the Youth policy and programmes relating to the youth.

4. Financial provision of the Youth policy

The Youth policy is financed for account of the means provided by the budgets of the Partnership and the Organizations or other resources which are not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5. Concluding provisions

1. The Youth policy is to be improved pursuant to the strategic objectives and tasks of the Partnership and the Organizations.

2. With the purpose to implement the Youth policy annual plans of events are developed.

3. The report of events to implement the Youth policy is given to the Director general of the Partnership at least once a year.