Камкор менеджмент

Company policy

The activity of the Group of Companies "Kamkor Management" LLP is aimed at the full satisfaction of the needs of customers, being a reliable supplier (partner) in repairing rolling stock of the railway industry with constant improvement of quality.

Our strategic mission is realized through the development of subsidiaries, through the creation of the most favorable legal, economic, administrative and organizational conditions and the moral and psychological climate and the personal involvement and responsibility of each employee and supplier. Constant reduction and prevention of negative impacts on our employees and the environment.

The conditions for the implementation of our mission are:

  • Production of goods (rendering services) at the level of world standards, applying the principles of lean production;
  • In the overall involvement of staff in understanding policies and objectives, cultivating interest in continual improvement;
  • effective use of financial, material and information resources; (same as the commitment to the principles of resource-saving)
  • expansion of the range of services provided and their continuous improvement;
  • adoption of management decisions based on analysis of information on the company's activities;
  • the desire to prevent emerging problems and their causes, and not to eliminate their consequences;
  • Perfect organization of work on contracts, awareness of our responsibility for the quality of work of contractors;
  • Improvement of the risk management system - labor safety and environmental aspects;
  • organization of activities to prevent environmental pollution;
  • the use of a precautionary approach to ensuring safety of labor;
  • Commitment to the principles of resource saving:
  • creating a corporate culture of safe behavior:
  • compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of environmental protection and labor protection.

The ways of implementing our mission will be:

  • ensuring a high level of business culture and executive discipline of our employees, their attentive, friendly attitude to any of the representatives of the Customer;
  • presentation of high requirements to the quality of products used by us and organization of work by our suppliers;
  • organization of high-quality quality management in each of the Company's divisions;
  • provision of operational management of nature protection activities;
  • Environmental support of investment projects at all stages of their implementation;
  • creation of safe working conditions that meet the established requirements for the railway industry;
  • development and implementation of programs to improve work safety and reduce environmental impact;
  • provision of quality preventive medical care aimed at healthcare of employees;
  • modern risk management, which helps to prevent possible accidents and incidents, or reduce their negative impact;
  • continuous training of workers in skills of safe work;
  • Operational work with state bodies on emergency situations to prevent emergencies and to react personnel when they arise;
  • Observance of citizens' rights to receive reliable information on the state of the environment and environmental safety;
  • creation of conditions for attracting all personnel to active activities in the rational use of natural resources.