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Conducting fire drills in the branches of Kamkor Wagon

Conducting fire drills in the branches of Kamkor Wagon

On May 20, 2022, unscheduled fire-fighting exercises were held in all branches of Kamkor Wagon. More than 500 employees and 4 units of special equipment of regional Services took part.

The goal is to determine the readiness of fire extinguishing equipment and systems for the summer season with elevated temperatures and to obtain additional skills in organizing engineering and technical workers and eliminating fires by production personnel.

Based on the results of tactical exercises, the employees of the branches showed a high level of readiness to put the emergency response plan into effect and the coordination of actions in an emergency with the regional firefighting services. The automatic alarm systems worked in a timely manner, the employees showed their readiness and ability to use all fire extinguishing means in case of a real fire.

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