Камкор менеджмент


The enterprises of "Kamkor Lokomotiv" LLP have passed a technical audit on the application of the conditional number of stamping

During 2021, the branches of Kamkor Lokomotiv LLP underwent an annual technical audit of NC KTZ JSC, within the framework of which each enterprise that manufactures, modernizes or repairs locomotives, electric trains and specialized rolling stock and their components must pass control and receive conditional stamping number. Currently, according to the results of audits, certificates have been obtained by the branches of Kamkor Lokomotiv - LRZ Kazaly, LRZ Shu, LRD Astana, LRD Karaganda, LRD Sekseul, KRC Agadyr. In addition, WW Agadyr has successfully mastered the repair of wheelsets of freight cars of the RU-1 type. Based on the results of the audit, a decision was made to expand the scope of the conditional stamping number.

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