Камкор менеджмент


Mastering overhaul with extension of service life tank cars by replacing the boiler in branches Ust-Kamenogorsk wagon repair depot and Ayagoz wagon repair depot

LLP "Kamkor Wagon" has expanded the list of services provided - has mastered overhaul with the extension of the service life to double and the replacement of the boiler with a new tank car for the transportation of sulfuric acid in the branches "Ust-Kamenogorsk Wagon Repair Depot" and "Ayakozk Wagon Repair Depot".

This was confirmed by the granting of the right to perform these types of work at the 71st meeting of the Commission of the carriage economy of the Central Council for Railway Transport with the participation of Representatives of the national railway administrations of the member states of the Commonwealth.

The prototypes of tank cars withstood acceptance tests in accordance with the developed Technical Conditions.

In order to develop and diversify the business, “Kamkor Wagon” LLP will continue to work on the development of new types of repair of freight wagons!

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