Камкор менеджмент


Project "New model of supply management for goods and materials"

At the Atbasar Electric Locomotive Repair Plant and the Astana Locomotive Repair Depot, a pilot operation is being carried out of the “Business Process Cards Associated with the Automation of Warehouse Document Management” related to the project “New Model of Supply Management for Goods and Materials”.

Employees of the branches, structural divisions of the Partnership and the ERP implementation service participated in the development of solutions and the setting of tasks. 4 months passed from the development of "Business Process Maps" to the completion of the full test operation of the project, as a result of which more than 50 constraining factors were identified and eliminated

Optimization of internal processes and implementation of digitalization elements will allow the Partnership to:
- to improve the quality of the services provided, by saving labor costs for the preparation of primary documents, amounting to about 48 thousand hours. per year and reorientation of efforts to perform production tasks
- increase labor productivity through the use of software products and modern digital technologies
- maintain up-to-date information on movements and remnants of goods and materials
- will increase the efficiency of interaction between all structural divisions and much more.

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