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Reconstruction of the section "Karaganda - Balkhash"

September 3, 2021 as part of the working trip of the Vice-Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Berik Kamaliev to the reconstruction project of the Karaganda-Balkhash section of km 1492.4-1855 of the

highway of republican significance "Border of the Russian Federation (to Yekaterinburg) - Almaty, through Kostanay, Nur-Sultan, Karaganda "of the Center-South corridor, the General Director of Temirzhol zhondeu LLP Aibek Terekbaev reported on the progress of work on the section km 1740-1760.

Today, at the sites of Temirzhol zhondeu LLP, km 1740-1760, work is underway to arrange the bottom layer of the base from black crushed stone, as well as work on the construction of the upper layer of the base from coarse-grained porous asphalt concrete. As part of the design solutions, work is underway on certain sections to straighten the axis of the road, the roadbed is poured for the turning area, and work is actively underway on the construction of a new bridge on the section of km 1757

Work on the site is carried out around the clock, about 100 units are involved. road construction equipment and personnel in the amount of 180 people, the procurement of road construction materials and reinforced concrete structures is also continuing.

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