Камкор менеджмент


First hundred!

06/14/2021 under the leadership of the director of the PMS Aktobe Abenov K.A. and director of construction and repair of railways Temirzhol Zhondeu Akparova K.A. overhaul of the track in the amount of 1.5 km was carried out on the Kaidauyl-Ulpan section. Total for Temirzhol zhondeu reached the first 100 km or 40% of the annual volume.

Also, the team of PMS Birlik noted, 24 km of a new rail and sleep grid were laid on the single-track section Koktobe-Zhumysker in 1.5 months, despite the fact that the section is located at the junction of two sections of Semey and Pavlodar roads.

And also on June 11, 2021, long-term train speed warnings were canceled throughout the section.

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