«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP is a conglomerate which unites more than 10 enterprises all over the Republic of Kazakhstan where more than ten thousand people work fruitfully and efficiently

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP is a conglomerate which unites more than 10 enterprises all over the Republic of Kazakhstan where more than ten thousand people work fruitfully and efficiently

Quality Policy



The top management of "Kamkor Management" LLP considers that establishment of an integrated management system based on the international standards requirements is a key factor of dynamic development of the company, strengthening of its positions in Kazakhstan market, consolidation of our consumers’ confidence.

The general direction of the Policy is the most complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the efficiency of an integrated management system.

We provide repair service of the railway industry rolling stock, applying lubricants and dangerous machinery during production.

Our strategy is to ensure the development of subsidiaries according to the strategic priorities and objectives of the subsidiaries, through achievement of specified production and financial results in a particular period of time under economic costs of resources. As well as to create the most favorable legal, economic, administrative and organizational conditions and moral and psychological climate for the purpose of creative and professional self-fulfillment of every employee, to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with contractors and business partners based on the principles of mutual trust, honesty and openness.

Our Mission: We are keen to perform works without impairing the health of our employees and the environment. We recognize our responsibility to present and future generations. We strive to multiply without destroying.

Conditions of our mission realization are:

- effective use of financial, material and information resources;

- expanding of the range of rendered services and their continuous improvement;

- making of management decisions based on analysis of information about the company business;

- desire to prevent arising problems and their causes, and not to eliminate their consequences;

- faultless organization of works concerning contracts, awareness of our responsibility for quality of contractors’ work ;

- improvement of the system of risk management - Safety and environmental aspects;

- organization of activities in order to prevent pollution of the environment;

- usage of the warning approach to ensure the labour safety;

- commitment to the resource-saving principles;

- creation of the corporate culture for safe activities;

- compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding protection of environment and labour.

Ways for realizing of our mission will be:

- ensuring of the high level of business culture and performance discipline of our employees, their attentive, friendly attitude to any of the Customer's representatives;

- making of high demands to the quality of used products and organization of works by our suppliers;

- organization of highly quality management in each of the divisions of the Company;

- ensuring the operative management of environmental activity;

- environmental support of investment projects at all stages of their implementation;

- creation of safe working conditions which meet the requirements for the railway industry ;

- development and implementation of programs for improvement of the occupational safety level and environmental impact mitigation;

- rendering of qualitative preventive medical care aimed at improving of employees’ health;

- up-to-date risk management, which helps to prevent possible accidents and incidents, or reduce their negative impact;

- continuous training of employees for safe operation skills ;

- operational activities with state structures on emergencies for prevention of emergencies and personnel response if they arise;

- observance of citizens’ rights to receive the exact information about the state of environment and environmental safety

- creation of conditions for attraction of all personnel to active work concerning the rational use of natural resources.

Goals of "Kamkor Management" LLP in the field of quality for 2014

1. To ensure the implementation and operation of Energy Management in accordance with the law "On energy saving and energy efficiency improvement” № 541 dated January, 13, 2013 (at least 4 organizations).

2. To ensure successful certification to ISO 50001 standards (at least 2 organizations).

3. To ensure successful IMS certification with consideration of existing ISO 9001 and implemented management systems ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (at least 2 organizations).

4. To reduce the number of complaints in repair of locomotives and cars in 2%.

5. To reduce the downtime for unscheduled repair of locomotives in 5%.

6. To implement the overhaul of at least 200 km of railway tracks.

7. To implement the construction of at least 80 km of station tracks.

8. To achieve 51% share of local content in the procurements.

9. To provide the indicator of the occupational injuries frequency factor at the level of 0.56.

10. To add the testing laboratory "ORDA-Astana" LLP in the register of the Customs Union laboratories until the 31st of December, 2014.

11. To ensure successful carrying-out of re-certification audit of the quality management system in the third quarter of 2014.

12. To implement an internal audit of the quality management system of the Association at least once a year.

13. To ensure the turnover rate of personnel at the level not higher than in 2013 (10%).

The company management undertakes an obligation to ensure the realization of the set goals concerning quality at a stated time.

The Director general D. Suleymenov