«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP is a conglomerate which unites more than 10 enterprises all over the Republic of Kazakhstan where more than ten thousand people work fruitfully and efficiently

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP

«Kamkor Management» LLP is a conglomerate which unites more than 10 enterprises all over the Republic of Kazakhstan where more than ten thousand people work fruitfully and efficiently

Our history



In the depot had its assigned park which consisted of locomotives of Ov series for the transport of household goods and a series of Hv and Y — for passenger transport. In the depot had two rooms reserved for the repair of locomotives: a large depot for maintenance repair and small depot for rehabilitation. The depot heating system was stove heating. Machine shop was separate from the depot building. Machine tool equipment was old, running, machine system «Veyhelta» with pinion drive. Together with the machine shop was the blacksmith shop where all the spare parts manufactured for the repair of locomotives. At the maintenance of the depot head was service of carriage stock. The cars were repaired in the open air, grind wheel sets in the machine shop. Back wash repair was carried out on a cold wash cycle, locomotives idle for more than two days and in rehabilitation for a month or more.

Locomotive OV
Since 1903 to 1925

Locomotive U-127
Since 1909 to 1925
Locomotive E
Since 1930 to 1940

At the depot there was no lighting, worked with kerosene torches, there were no showers where could bathe and change clothes after work. For heating of locomotives did not have enough fuel — oil. Some of the locomotives unheated by dried fish delivered to the Aral Sea and by the cottonseed oil. Despite these difficulties Aktobe locomotive workers worked with enthusiasm, with full return of forces. Many of them have achieved high performance in those days.

Locomotive FD
Since 1935 to 1948

Locomotive SU
Since 1935 to 1955

Locomotive SO
Since 1937 to 1955

Beginning with the 1925 Ov truck locomotives were replaced with four-cylinder locomotives of Fchb series and passenger locomotives of Uu and Hv series on B series. Fchb series locomotives were very difficult to repair and in 1930 they were replaced by steam locomotives E series of indices and with the 1935 passenger locomotives of B series were replaced by more powerful locomotives series Su. In 1937 the cargo fleet of locomotives were replaced by a progressive whiles the more powerful locomotives of «CO» series with the condensation of steam. These locomotives have worked here until the end of World War II.


In the postwar years the country had decided to pull the widespread conversion of steam locomotive traction to diesel locomotive traction.

In Aktobe depot the locomotives of «CO» series with the condensation of steam were replaced by non-condensing steam locomotives and from 1955–1958 years gradually introduced diesel locomotives of TE2 series with 2000 horsepower.

For example, in late 1955 a series of passenger locomotives were replaced by diesel locomotives of Su TE2 series which were transferred from the nearby depot Emba.

By the time the depot Emba already in 1950 fully switched to diesel traction. In subsequent years freight locomotive fleet was replaced by diesel locomotives TE3, 2TE10L, 2TE10M, 2TE10UT.

In 1966 there were the 1-sectional series of passenger locomotives TEP10Lwhich were assigned to the depot Aris and operated on the shoulder of the Arys to Iletsk. In the area Emba-Iletsk they served by Aktobe locomotive crews.

In 1967 due to heterogeneity of the climatic conditions of southern and northern areas Arys fleet of passenger locomotives was divided and half of it was attributed to the Aktobe depot. Aktobe passenger locomotives began to work in the area from station Saksaulskaya to station Iletsk. From Saksaulskaya to Emba they served by chelkar locomotive crews and from Emba to Iletsk by Aktobe locomotive crews.

The first passenger locomotive that arrived at the depot Aktyubinsk in August 1966 was TEPL № 142. It first served as a showpiece for the study of it by locomotive crews and then was assigned to Aktyubinsk depot park.

In the 1970–80 years the locomotives park of Aktyubinsk depot has been completely updated by locomotives of 2TE10V, M, U series.

Beginning in the 1950s during the conversion to diesel traction depot as well as in subsequent years the depot is continuously reconstructed and is now completely changed its appearance. Personal contribution to the development of the depot have been working in different years by the depot chiefs — the first chief of the locomotive depot Malofeev, then — Tiesenhausen v. B, Kovakin F.G, Chekurin v. I, Tyshchenko A.P., Zakharov v. K., Kartamyshev v. , Lebedev G.G., Peremyshev v. F., Makukha v. V., Zhamankulov S.B., Knyazev N.M., Sokol v. I., Bisembaev M.N., Darbayev D.K., Medeubaev M.J., Almahanov K.A.

Thus, the Aktobe depot from a backward turned into a powerful modern railway company which emerged from the walls of eminent specialists of the locomotive business.

The first locomotives of «TE1» series

At the locomotive traction were applied MPT-84/39 (620 kW) generator, traction motors DC-304B (98 kW). The mass of the locomotive with a full supply of fuel, water, grease and sand is 123, 9 tons. Duration of traction effort at a speed of 16 km / h is 16000 kg, maximal speed is 90km / h. The locomotives were built from 1947 to 1950, only 300 locomotives were produced, including TE5 diesel locomotives (TE1 option for severe climatic / conditions).

Locomotives of TE1

Locomotives of «TE2» series: In December 1948 in Kharkov was released first articulated locomotive TE2. Each section of the locomotive was equipped with a diesel-generator set (diesel D50 and generator MPT-84/39). The section of the locomotive was based on two-axle truck. Diesel Power is 1000 hp. TED Power is 152kW (duration). Design speed — 93 km / h. Locomotives of TE2 series had long regime traction effort 22 tons, the rate of long-term regime of 17 km / h. The plant continued production of locomotives until 1955, only 528 units were built

Locomotives of TE2

Locomotives of «TE3» series: The first production diesel was released in Kharkov in 1955. Nominal diesel power is 2000 hp. Traction generator MPT-99/47 of nominal power is 1350 kW, (V = 550 V, I = 2455 A, max V = 820) harbored 6 TED EDB-200A of nominal power is 206 kW, (V = 275 V, I = 815 A max. speed of the armature 2200 r/min). The motors were connected in series with two to three parallel groups. Diesel locomotive TE3 had fuel 2* 5440 kg, oil 2 *1400 kg, water 2 *800 liters, sand 2*400 kg. Gross weight is 2*126t. Traction duration at 20 km / h is 2*20 200 kg, the design speed is 100 km / h, traction effort at the design speed is 2*2600 kg. Prior to this time at CIS railways in some depots are used TE3 for households. They are also used at industrial sites.

Locomotives of TE3

Locomotives of «TEP10» series: Locomotive was launched in 1960 by the Kharkov transport machine-building. According to the results of tests of locomotives TEP10, it destination was driving heavy passenger trains. Kharkov factory built these locomotives in the period of 1961–1968 years. Design speed — 140 km/h. Diesel Power -3000 hp. 335 locomotives were built of this series.

Locomotives of TEP10

Locomotives of «2TE10L» series: fuel and sand rose to 2×6300 kg and 2×1000 kg respectively. The official weight was 2×127,8 tons. Speed at continuous rating — 24 km/h, design speed — 100 km/h. In the course of production in the design were made too many changes associated with electrical circuits, with the transition from the TED ED-104A to ED-107, and then to the ED-118A (also made by the Kharkov plant «Electrotyazhmash»), with a change in the design of the wheels, cockpits and etc. Locomotives of 2TE10L series produced to 1977 inclusive. A total 3192 locomotives produced of these series.

Locomotives of 2TE10L

Locomotives of «2TE10V», «M», «Y» series: In 1975 Voroshilovgradsky plant (both at the time was called Lugansk plant) in parallel with the release of 2TE10L started to build yet another modification of diesel locomotives 2TE10 — 2TE10V. The main components of the new diesel locomotives were similar to 2TE10L series. Jawless truck, the cab driver and the controller controls have been unified with locomotives of 2TE116 series. TED settles the series ED-118A. The mass of the new locomotives in service condition because of balance increased to 2×138 t. Tractive force and speed (24.7 km/h) of long-term regime were the same as the locomotive of 2TE10L series with the gear ratio 75:17. Design speed is also equal to 100 km/h.

Locomotives of 2TE10B

Locomotives of 2TE10M  

Locomotives of 2TE10Y

1997. Modernization of 2TE10 diesel locomotives — Beginning

In 1997 by decision of the former leadership of Almaty and West Kazakhstan Railways decided to upgrade locomotives 2TE10M with the installation of diesel generators type 7FDL — 12 of theAmerican company «General Electric» (GE).

So, for this purpose locomotive 2TE10 M-0736A registry Aktobe locomotive depot was sent across the ocean in the U.S. city of Erie City Pennsylvania Railroad.

At the GE plant was designed technical documentation and installed a new diesel generator with all accessories that came with the kit. Modernized locomotive is assigned an index 2TE10MK.

After the return of an updated locomotive 2TE10MK-0736A, in the registry Aktobe depot was established specialized team.

In the organization of production modernization of locomotives attended the best depot locksmiths: the oldest specialist of depot, honored worker of transport in Kazakhstan, «Honorary railroad» — a mechanic, motorman Moldovanov Anatoly Petrovich; locksmith of experimental brigade Stepanchenko Vyacheslav; gas and arc welder Utemagambetov D.H, electrical fitter Ageev B.N., Vygonyaylo A.A., and others.

By hands of a specialist named team in 1998 has successfully modernized two locomotives 2TE10MK-0736B and 0735A 2TE10MK, and they after a rheostat tests were put into operation.

Transportation of section of a diesel locomotive № 0736
in the USA — on a line

Transportation of section of a diesel locomotive № 0736
in the USA — on a line

General guidance for the modernization, operation and maintenance of locomotives with diesel 7FDL-12 headed, who worked at the time the deputy chief of locomotive economy of West Kazakhstan Railroad, now the director of «Zhorga-RD» LLP in Aktobe Balymov Akhmetbek Sarsengalievich and former head of the locomotive Aktobe depot Medeubaev Marat Zholdyevich.

In 1999 modernized park of diesel locomotive Aktobe depot added locomotives 2TE10MK-3475AB, 5081A, 0093A passed the modernization of the locomotive depot Shu.

Diesel locomotive № 0736 at factory in Erie

New diesel engine 7FDL establish on 2TE10 М

2ТE10 МК-073AB with a diesel engine 7FDL in Aktobe

2004. Modernization of diesel locomotives

Aktobe locomotive depot was established in 1903 and in 2003 celebrated its 100th anniversary. As a separate repair locomotive depot the enterprise was reorganized in 2001 and in 2002 acquired its present name of the Limited Liability Partnership «Zhorga-RD." In 2010 it was renamed the branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — Aktobe locomotive depot.

In 2001 Aktobe repair locomotive depot taking part in a competition among the enterprises of «KTZ» RSE was awarded by a Diploma of 1-th degree

In 2004 started the planned upgrade of the locomotive park of the Western region of Kazakhstan on the locomotives of 2TE10MK series to prolong life. This upgrade known as the modernization in the locomotive facility in January 2004 was launched in a few depots that had the suitable repair base for these works.

As a result of industrial competition was held from October 11 to December 11, 2003 at the depot Shu among the «elect» was the branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — Aktobe locomotive depot and in May 2004 from the depot came first modernized in Aktobe locomotive № 0079.

According to the results of the first stage of modernization (the first stage — car body type locomotives, the second stage — the locomotive modular type), a branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — Aktobe locomotive depot was selected as a repair depot in the walls of which will be tested the second stage of modernization. Thus, in late 2005 in Aktobe brought together the experts of all locomotive depots with experience in the first phase of modernization, and at the example of two locomotives was mastered a new way of modernization. All this could not affect positively on the potential of the depot, as Locomotive factory farms. In the process of introducing new technology Aktobe specialists repairers have proven that they have a high level of professionalism, regardless of time, perform assigned work in time.

At the same time in Aktobe in full swing there was a process of modernization. These two important factors — production of overhaul locomotives of 2TE10MK series release in 1997 and the modernization of locomotives — influenced the direction of the branch «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot in terms of specialization in the production of technical services for the modernized locomotives 2TE10MK. In view of the circumstances and the growing number of modernized locomotive in Aktobe as in most depot prepared preferably to organize all kinds of maintenance of diesel locomotives of 2TE10MK series. And if early a branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot produced maintenance of locomotives of 2TE10V, M, U, Ut, TEM2, the growing number of modernized diesel locomotives are not allowed to distract the technical and human resources to service locomotives 2TE10MK. And by 2006 a branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot totally redesigned the production of maintenance modernized locomotives OF 2TE10MK series

Collective of shop of modernization On assemblage of 1st locomotive № 0079А. 2004

2005. Organization of TO-8 and TOU-8 locomotives of 2TE10MK series

As a branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot in the recent past produced the maintenance TO-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8 (since 2003) locomotives of 2TE10V, M, V, VT, TEM2 series. But due to the fact that the locomotives of 2TE10MK series upgraded diesel generator set of «General Electric» company («GE») in an amount of 3.5 units in Aktobe operational depots operate since 1997 decided to use diesel repair of these locomotives in the branch «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot (first in Kazakhstan).

In 2005 the operation of the above locomotives came an 8-year period in which according to the instructions on the maintenance of diesel locomotives «7FDL12» of «GE» company it was necessary to make a thorough inspection with disassembly of all components of diesel equipment in the group and auxiliary electrical equipment — repair locomotive in the amount of KP-1. On the basis of the «GE» Instructions in the branch «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot was designed by the project specifications and technical documentation for the repair of a locomotive in the amount of KP-1 which includes a list of all the necessary papers with the rates on time and bit people. To perform all work in the branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — ​​Aktobe locomotive depot had all the necessary technological equipment and highly skilled maintenance personnel which allowed for the period from January to December 2005 to perform repair 3.5 diesel units of 2TE10MK series, the last upgrade in 1997.

Service of diesel locomotives 2ТE10 МK

In the transition to service locomotives 2TE10MK, a branch of «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — Aktobe locomotive depot will act as the parent service center and is directly related to the «Locomotive» JSC by relevant agreement. Given that the capacity of branch «Kamkor Locomotive» LLP — Aktobe locomotive depot is not able to provide service to all locomotives, there is a need for the services of other locomotive depot of the Western region to service the TO-3 and TO-6. For the organization of service in these depots will be concluded an agreement for the production of sub-contracting work on the TO-2, TO-3 TO-6 or other work on non-upgraded parts.
For ease of maintenance service will be established to turn locomotives:

Maintenance operation of TO-3
Necessary to maintain the technical condition of undercarriage — the main part.
Upgraded part limited by visual inspection.

Maintenance operation of TO-6
Undercarriage — TED examination, inspection of bearings.
Upgraded part — change of diesel oil, oil filter elements, fuel, air filters, brushes of electric machines.

Maintenance operation of TO-7
Undercarriage — TED inspection, audit of traction gear box gearing and bearings — axial motor and axle.
Upgraded part — change of diesel oil, oil filter elements, fuel, air filters, brushes, electrical machinery, works on an air compressor, timing check of fuel injection pump assembly.

Maintenance operation of TO-8
Undercarriage — the inspection and repair of trucks rolling out from under the locomotive and the repair of the
wheel-motor units, inspection of the locomotive frame.
Upgraded part — all work on the TO-7 cycle, axial run-up check of the crankshaft, a selective inspection of cylinders and the connecting rod and piston with removal of the cylinder.

Maintenance operation of TOU-8 — increased.
Undercarriage — all work on the TO-8 cycle.
Upgraded part — all work on the TO-8 cycle, repair of all equipment.


Service of diesel locomotives 2ТE10 МК

Locomotive repair depot of LLP «Жорға-РД»