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Employees of the Lokomotiv Repair Depot Shar once again confirmed their high professionalism

Continuing to expand the list of works performed by the wheel shop, the employees of LRD Shar have mastered the technology of repairing and forming wheel pairs "411 models" of locomotives series TE33A.

In July 2020, LRD Shar developed instructions of repair works according to the instructions and requirements of Wabtec.

On October 6, 2020, with help of Wabtec representative, the repair of the wheel pairs "411 models" was started, on October 15, this year, the first 6 wheel pairs were formed and sent to LRD Ayagoz  for further operational testing within 3-4 months. Until November 6, six more wheel pairs of "411 models" will be formed and delivered.

Starting from the 4th quarter of 2021, the work on the formation of wheel pairs for locomotives series TEP33A is indicated. Successful mastering of the equipment repair of new series of locomotives will allow maintaining a leading position and maintaining the stability of the wheel shop.

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